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what-we-offerSolve Difficult Operational Capability Issues
We work with your team to solve a difficult operational capability problem, or to re-engineer and optimize an existing process.

Build Infrastructure for Continuous Process Improvement Culture
We coach your team through the process of building the infrastructure for a Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) culture.

Process Flow Simulation Modeling and Analysis
Quickly build an accurate simulation model for a process or facility, to vet out operational design and flow ideas.

Operational Improvement Training
We offer 3 training seminars to help you learn:  to build a Continuous Process Improvement culture, to improve engagement level of your team, and to utilize Simulation Modeling & Analysis.



“Khaled’s wealth of experience and knowledge coupled with his integrity not only provided us with Great Results, but left us with guidelines and procedures we now use on other projects.”

Andre Bergevin
postal delivery company



Unlocking Operational Efficiency

Scotts Valley, CA, Tuesday Evenings February 27 - March 20, 2018

Arroyo Grande, CA, Thursday Evenings March 1 - 22, 2018

We teach an effective approach to increasing operation efficiency by reducing waste, embracing technology, and engaging employees.