About Us

Sustainable Productivity Solutions engineers improve the profitability of your business with the use of operational improvement and design tools.  We help you by:

  1. Optimizing operational capability and flexibility of your processes.
  2. Utilizing simulation and optimization tools to improve accuracy of changes in operating strategy, capability and flow.
  3. Build a Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)  culture by using LEAN tools and basic CPI principles.

Our mission is to help unlock long-lasting (sustainable) productivity improvement solutions.  How much extra revenue an organization can generate from its available resources, which includes workers, land, buildings, and equipment, is how we define productivity.

The primary approach we take to solving problems is to focus on both the people and the processes of your operation.  As a result, our operational engineers are trained to work with your front line during the problem solving process.  Since the front line participates in the creation of solutions, they take full ownership of the solutions and sustain the new processes.

We have significant experience at bringing operational engineering tools and techniques to organizations that are new to them.  And our team is made up of very talented operational engineers.  Reach out if you want to learn how to most effectively build a productivity improvement program.