Khaled Mabrouk

Khaled Mabrouk photo - 121312Khaled Mabrouk, Founder and President

Khaled Mabrouk is an Operational Improvement specialist with 30 years experience. He helps companies reduce their operating costs and increase their process capability & flexibility through implementation of productivity tools and development of continuous process improvement culture. Khaled has been the catalyst for operational improvement and design success stories at dozens of organizations across the U.S. in the Produce Farming, Manufacturing, High Tech, and Railroad industries.

In addition, Khaled is considered a thought leader in the field of simulation modeling and analysis and brings a depth of experience and expertise in this area. He has developed and analyzed over 100 simulation models. This experience enables him to rapidly develop accurate and credible simulation models.

He guides Productivity Program Leaders to ensure that their productivity program delivers quantifiable and sustainable results; enables Process Improvement Specialists to increase their skills and effectiveness by working with them to resolve difficult operational performance issues; and empowers Organizational Leadership Teams to increase their workforce engagement skills so as to drive continuous improvement within their organizations.

Khaled has worked both as an external consultant to numerous Fortune 1000 Firms and as an internal consultant within Fortune 500 Firms. Khaled held positions at Accenture, Paypal, Systems Modeling Corporation, General Motors and Union Pacific Railroad. Khaled is a part-time Simulation and Operational Engineering Instructor with terms at San Jose State University, Wayne State University (Detroit), and Eastern Michigan University. He has published over 20 articles and editorials on the effective use of operational improvement tools, and is frequently sought as a keynote or expert speaker at conferences across the U.S. Khaled has also been an active member for the IIE Bay Area/Silicon Valley Senior chapter and spent two years as a member of the Conference Board’s Six Sigma Council. He has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.

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