At the heart of establishing a Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) culture is the level of engagement of the front line workforce. In a CPI culture, the front line workforce owns and drives the operational improvement efforts.

You may have started your journey to a CPI culture with Engineers executing individual projects, and possibly providing some generic training to various levels of the organization. With time and success, you may be taking steps towards eventually establishing a CPI culture. So if you don’t have a CPI culture now, you are not alone. Going from a culture where Engineers manage various projects to a culture where the front line work force drives the various operational improvement projects is a journey.

The Benefits of a Continuous Process Improvement culture are Many Because Your Workforce:

  • Is more knowledgeable about what is truly happening in the operation, and tend to have better insights into the critical failure points of the operation
  • Owns the operational improvement process, and as a result, the solutions generated are easily sustainable
  • Sees problems long before they become BIG, and as a result the organization is better able to avoid falling into fire-fighting mode

With the workforce engaged, the Engineer can effectively focus on his/her rightful role: facilitating the operational improvement effort, selecting the operational engineering tools to utilize based on the problem being solved, and researching and bringing in tools/technology from outside the organization to help solve the problem being worked on.

Expedite Your Journey to a Self-Sustaining CPI Culture

Khaled Mabrouk and his team will guide your leaders in building a CPI culture. SPS will give your employees the keys to engage the workforce in the Operational Improvement process by showing them how to use praise to reinforce habits, to push decision making down and to use a non-assuming approach in dealing with conflict. Learning and practicing these skills will increase your front line team’s involvement, and teach them how to use a Process Orientation to drive Continuous Process Improvement.

Contact SPS to expedite your journey to a CPI culture.