Operational Improvement and Design

Sustainable Productivity Solutions is in the business of providing high quality “productivity” solutions that “sustain”.  This includes having our team of outstanding operational engineers solving a specific operational problem for our clients.  This includes the following example:

  • A production operation that is providing a throughput capability that is significantly less than it was designed to produce.
  • An inventory management operation where the inventory levels are increasing beyond desired levels, and/or not delivering material to point-of-use much later than needed.
  • An operation that needs to have a significant increase in flexibility without a decrease in throughput capability.
  • A maintenance operation where costs are increasing at a much greater rate than the rate the business is growing.

In all these situations, we bring a disciplined flexible problem solving process that involves your front line team.  The discipline to follow the problem solving process allows to uncover the root cause of the problem, so that we are able to generated a permanent solution; versus a band aid short-term solution.  By involving your front line team in the problem solving process, we are able to get them to own the solutions generated, so that the solutions generated stick long after our team has completed the problem solving effort.