Simulation & Optimization

At Sustainable Productivity Solutions, we improve your operational efficiency and flexibility.  One of our areas of expertise is utilizing simulation to optimize operational capability for new or existing operations.

Simulation Provides Insight Into How to Optimize Operational Capability

With simulation modeling & analysis, you have the power to optimize both your processes and your decision-making.  Simulation allows you to predict in real-time the impact of your business decisions.  Simulation lets you quickly test countless variations on an expansion plan while producing performance capability data on each alternative.

This predictive power of simulation is that essential capability that can help companies see the future and make informed decisions to gain a competitive edge.

A simulation model:

  • Provides a realistic virtual representation of existing or planned processes.
  • Allows us to test out operational changes and improvement ideas in a quick and risk-free manner.
  • Determines which changes will optimize our operation and improve operating margin.
  • Provides up-front visibility into the inherent risks associated with a specific plan; providing the necessary information to take early action to mitigate risks and reduce costs.
  • Is used when conducting experiments on a real system would be impossible or impractical.

Simulation Allows Us to Test Out More Ideas

The advantages of utilizing simulation models include:

  • Simulation allows us to solve problems in many areas: processing lines, warehouses, production, etc. In each case, the model simulates real life and allows for a wide range of experiments with no negative impact on the real operations.
  • Simulation takes into account all the resources and constraints involved, as well as the way these resources interact with each other as time passes.
  • In the real world, evaluating the long-term impact of process or design changes can take months or years. A simulation model will inform your thinking in only minutes.
  • With simulation you can quickly try out your ideas at a fraction of the cost of trying them in the real world. And, because you can easily try out ideas, you can quickly gain insights into how to run your operations more effectively.
  • Simulation more accurately reflects reality. It doesn’t always take exactly 4 hours to irrigate a field and a truck does not arrive at the warehouse exactly every 15 minutes. Simulation builds in the randomness you would see in real life. So when you make changes to the simulation you see exactly how the system would behave in real life.
  • Simulation lets you build in random occurrences (e.g., equipment breakdowns) so you can see the effects of the breakdown on the rest of your operation.  The more complex the situation the more simulation provides the most accurate analytical tool.
  • Simulation is visual and animated.  It lets you clearly describe your ideas to others.

Our Simulation Engineers Build Accurate Models Quickly

Based on our experience and skill, we are able to develop accurate simulation models quicker than most people.  We look forward to increasing the success of your new operational designs, through the use of simulation.

The simulation models we develop help our business partners make better, more intelligent decisions for their business in the following areas:

  • Facilities Planning & Design
  • Demand & Capacity Planning
  • Production Operations Balancing
  • Bottleneck Analysis
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Manpower & Resource Allocation


Simulation Has Provided Significant Value for Our Business Partners

“… work resulted in substantial improvements in operating efficiencies and performance for production operations …” – Aaron Molskness, Supply Chain operations leader

“… recommendations were implemented and improved the throughput of the plant …” – Kurt Eichmeier, Director of Engineering

“… were able to identify key bottlenecks before we built the hardware. Years later, we were still using the model to improve throughput …” – Tim Dion, Software Engineer

“… provided us with great results, and left us with guidelines and procedures we now use on other projects …” – Andre Bergevin, Simulation Manager

“… quickly understands your specific business processes and helps you improve them through the application of simulation  …” – Bram Blank, Engineering manager

“… uses modeling to cut through the complexity of his customers’ systems and helps them drive to effective resource allocation decisions …”   Peter Kalish, Technology Leader

“… highly ethical, highly intelligent and experienced consultant …”  Donald Hicks, Software Company President

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