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Q1 2018 – Vol 09 No 1

Emphasizing importance of having a good guide for building a Lean Thinking culture, Review of Forecasting principles, discussion of how to effectively deliver praise, and information on Santa Cruz County AgTech Meetups.

Q4 2017 – Vol 08 No 04

Guidance on building Lean Thinking culture, Review of our Unlocking Operational Efficiency training, and discussion of importance of streamlining process before automating them.

Q3 2017 – Vol 08 No 03

Featuring the importance of being precise, unlocking operation efficiency, Our key driver of productivity program success, and more

Q2 2017 – Vol 08 No 02

Featuring Optimizing Food Chain Efficiency, Soft-ware based productivity tools, and more

Q1 2017 – Vol 08 No 01

Featuring a New Year’s greeting from the Founder, the Kaizen event at Berry Pack, Greenheart Farms 5S Effort, and more

Q4 2016 – Vol 07 No 04

Featuring Simulation Facilities Optimization, an excerpt from an article about Driscolls, Conferences and symposiums SPS engineers will be presenting, and more

Q3 2016 – Vol 07 No 03

Featuring a look at “Industry 4.0”, Understanding LEAN, how 5S works, and more

Q2 2016 – Vol 07 No 02
Featuring Digital Nest in Watsonville, IISE presentation, 5S training in Spanish, and more

Q1 2016 – Vol 07 No 01
Featuring seminar overviews, new SPS staff, conference calendar, and more

Q4 2015 – Vol 06 No 04
Featuring Driscoll’s procurement conference, book reviews, conference calendar, winter simulation conference, and more

Q3 2015 – Vol 06 No 03
Featuring initial focus of building CPI culture, book reviews, conference calendar, resource allocation simulation for produce farming, and more

Q2 2015 – Vol 06 No 02
Featuring data collection strategy for fixing under-performing production lines, conference calendar, book reviews, distribution center models, and more

Q1 2015 – Vol 06 No 01
Featuring strategies for building CPI culture, book reviews, 2D vs 3D animation, simulation vs optimization, and more


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