Unlocking Opertational Efficiency Training

Industrial engineering has had several developments in the last hundred years. Most recently, LEAN has supported companies in understanding and implementing tools from the Toyota Production System.  Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) has contributed new understandings of what makes an employee successful and the importance of including the frontline workforce in process improvement.

This training will teach you the most commonly used LEAN tools, the ones that have a significant impact on any company. You’ll do exercises that apply these tools to your business.  You’ll learn how to use Gemba boards and the importance of employee engagement.  Our goal is hands-on learning so that you’re confident using LEAN and CPI principles in your work.

Seminar Learning Focus:

  • Why front line workforce should be driving your operational improvement effort.
  • How to develop the infrastructure needed to ensure your CPI effort is a success.
  • How to apply LEAN tools to reduce waste in your processes.
  • How to use Gemba Boards to focus on specific areas of desired improvement.
  • Why improving employee engagement matters more today than ever before.

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals who want to improve their operational improvement skills.
  • Most attendees work in operations, supply chain, or finance departments.
  • For organizations that want to build a Continuous Process Improvement culture, we recommend delivering this seminar to the leadership team first.

On-Site Delivery of Seminar:

  • 6-hour seminar is delivered at your facility for investment of $3,700 plus travel expenses.
  • Suggested number of attendees is 6-12 people.
  • These fees are good for the Continental US only, through December 31, 2017.

Download PDF – Continuous Process Improvement Seminar

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