Simulation is Stimulating Training Program

Our Simulation is Stimulating training program has different tracks for different needs.  All tracks are available for onsite training, or online.

The Strategic Track is for leaders learning how to optimize their team’s return on simulation (one 2-hour session): 

  1. How to Prioritize Simulation Outcomes.
  2. Vetting Operational Designs vs. Optimizing Existing Operations.
  3.  Developing New Operational Strategies.
  4. Necessary Skills for Succeeding with Simulation.
  5. Path for Success with Simulation Modeling & Analysis.

The Software Selection Track is for individuals in process of choosing a simulation software (one 2-hour session):

  1. Understanding software features to evaluate.
  2. Rubric for selecting software.
  3. Categorizing Software Available against Rubric.
  4. Next Steps after Selecting Software.
The Tactical Track is for engineers & analysts learning how to succeed at model building (four 2-hour sessions):
  1. Modeler’s Approach To Understanding a Process.
  2. Translate Understanding of Process to a Model.
  3. Translate model to specific simulation software.
    (different software examples provided).
  4. Data Fitting & Guesstimating Distributions.
  5. Experimentation & Interpreting Model Results.
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