The Model Builders

Founded in 1992, The Model Builders is the simulation arm of Sustainable Productivity Solutions.  The Model Builders has developed a reputation for high value & high quality simulation modeling and analysis support.

The Model Builders simulation engineers designed and delivered 100+ simulation models of processes, facilities, and networks.  We utilized these models, on our clients behalf, to identify optimal layouts and flows, and vet out which equipment to acquire; saving our clients millions while improving their productivity.  Our simulation engineers work with your personnel to build accurate models quickly and efficiently.

The Model Builders (TMB) focus is to build simulation models that accurately reflect the day-to-day chaos & dynamic interactions inherent in all production operations.  TMB models’ provide your leadership team additional insight into how to optimally streamline your operations.  Your understanding of how your operations work will be greatly enhanced.   And your team will be able to vet out their ideas for improvement without disrupting operations.

Simulation Services Offered

  1. Modeling and analysis to optimize a system (new or existing).
  2. Training to help engineers develop their simulation modeling & analysis skills.
  3. Develop strategy for how to optimally utilize simulation modeling & analysis.
  4. On-site support for various simulation modeling efforts.

Simulation Expertise

  1. Build accurate models quickly. We have the expertise and experience to quickly arrive at the appropriate level of detail for the models.
  2. Develop models that behave in manner consistent with the real system. We accomplish this by: 1) understanding your system, 2) identifying the critical components/modules of this system, and 3) maintaining communications/transparency throughout the model building process.
  3. Develop and advance the simulation engineering skills of our clients. Have developed and delivered many simulation training programs. In addition, our simulation lead teaches simulation for the Industrial & Systems Engineering department at SJSU.

Simulation Background

  1. Built and analyzed over 100 simulation models for a wide variety of systems:
    • Automotive Manufacturing – Ford, Lear Seating, Prince, Magna Atoma, Donnelly, American Axle & Manufacturing, Chrysler, Denso, Amcast, Liebherr Automation, Kelsey-Hayes, VersaTrim, NSK, Associated Spring
    • Manufacturing – Kellogg, Whirlpool, Starbucks, Silicon Graphics, Wheeling Steel, Solectron, Credence Electronics, Lyon Metal, Amway, Snap-On, In-Sink-Erator, Deluxe
    • Product Design – Genus, Asyst, 3M
    • Supply Chain – Haworth, Donnelly, Whirlpool, Driscoll’s, Mentor AGV, Denso, Rank Video, Union Pacific Railroad, Canada Poste
    • Service – Progressive Insurance, Kelly Services, Ann Arbor Homeless Shelter
  2. Experience with many simulation software products.

Feedback on Our Work

“… work resulted in substantial improvements in operating efficiencies and performance for production operations …” – Aaron Molskness, Supply Chain operations leader

“… quickly understands your specific business processes and helps you improve them through the application of simulation …” – Bram Blank, Engineering manager

“… recommendations were implemented and improved the throughput of the plant …” – Kurt Eichmeier, Director of Engineering

“… provided us with great results, and left us with guidelines and procedures we now use on other projects …” – Andre Bergevin, Simulation Manager

“… uses modeling to cut through the complexity of his customers’ systems and helps them drive to effective resource allocation decisions …”   Peter Kalish, Technology Leader

“… were able to identify key bottlenecks before we built the hardware. Years later, we were still using the model to improve throughput …” – Tim Dion, Software Engineer

“… highly ethical, highly intelligent and experienced consultant …” Donald Hicks, Software Company President